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Welcome to the Konami Koders!

The Situation

A war torn city is hit by a massive drone strike. The Finch drone is sent in to search for survivors.


Rui_Favinha - Programmer

Joshua_Dearing - Designer/Co-programmer

Kian_Patel - Wiki Page Designer

Morgan_Knight - Building Designer (Google SketchUp) (Box Builder)

Marysia_Knight - Logo Designer

Jonas_Cinese - Photographer

Corbin_Willetts - Presenter/Reserve Role


  • Week 1

Rui writes the first lines of code to test the Finch and its potentials.He then proceeds to dig deeper and program certain functions into the Finch.

  • Week 2

Morgan and Josh progress with designing the background in Google SketchUp, while Marysia designs our logo, looking for perfection in every pixel.

  • Week 3

After much consideration, we decided to fire our former participant and replace his spot with Jonas Cinese, as we believed he was more contributing and dedicated to our project. He has gained the role of photographer.

  • Week 4

Morgan, Jonas and Corbin (he decided to try to help, even though he wasn't part of the team...) start to make the building used for the demonstration of our Finch robot.

  • Week 5

We have finished coding the Finch bot with Python, and finished the building for our demonstration. Although we received the Finch bot when we had only a month left, we did exceptionally well in my opinion. I am pleased with the wiki page, despite the problems we bumped into, like inserting images, making the building, etc.

Github account with all the files


Photo Gallery

FinchCode.jpeg Stage.jpeg GroupPhoto.jpg


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