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Name Issues

Hello Students, Teachers and Judges!

We are from LVS Ascot and we welcome you to our FINCHBOT WIKI PAGE! Our team name is Trojan Horse; we are a small team of 9 members from across the whole school. This year, for the Finch adopt-a-bot challenge, we plan on using python for our coding as it is the programme language we all have the most experience with. This is the first time we have taken part in this type of competition. We are proud of the fact that we have given this challenge a lot of time and effort and will be proud whatever the outcome. We feel we have lots of fresh ideas and a really good team spirit and we wish everyone the best of luck!

So, the situation for our robot is in a maze where the robot has to find his way out and they will be some hidden obstacles in the way which they have not to hit so they can get to the ed of the destination.

'Week 1: first of all, we thought of what to do with our adoptabot in our groups. We looked at all of the equipment that we had and we can use.

Week 2: afterwards, we brainstormed some ideas of what scenario we could have and had different ideas from everyone. We then thought of name we could call ourselves for the competition. We thought of Trojan Horse and asked everyone if they liked the name and they did so we went with it.

Week 3: then, we went around the group and see what everyone is good at related to the project and told everyone what they should start to do. We had people who were good at coding, Wikipedia page etc.

Week 4: after we saw what people were good at, we then talk to Adam who is our code maker and asked me what he is trying to do.

Week 5: after we told everyone what they had to do like Adam and ben doing the coding for the adoptabot to make it work like going through buildings to get to the finish line.

Week 6: me and zahir started to make our Wikipedia for our team.

Week 7: we thought of what our Wikipedia would look like, and how many pages we will have.

Week 8: we thought of the plan and wrote out what we would put onto the pages.

Week 9: after that Adam and ben thought it would good to test out the code just to see if it works and if not what they would have to change.

Week 10: Stuart who is helping with the coding thought of getting a mat and then having buildings in different positions and the idea is to get through the buildings without hitting them and go to the finish line.

Week 11: finally, the whole group came together and wrote what everyone would say and check the all the coding and the Wikipedia page is done and uploaded. We all were proud of everyone and the contribution they put into this and will give them good luck speech for the special day. Everyone was very nervous but we knew what ever our team does or even loses we knew we did amazing and respect our team.

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