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Chapter ONE

there were two funny guys at the side of the road, named Kevin and James. They were mucking about after a night out with friends. they were in london and they were drunk.

Chapter TWO

the two people were very good at jokes, this caused many people to come over to them. what will happen next?


Chapter THREE

One person was laughing so much that they became sick of laughter. They were in a critical stage in the laughing bug.

Chapter FOUR

ok now let's get t.o the point why am i talking about these idiots,well there was this pirate named whitebeard he was the strongest man in the world he sadly died after a war that happened recently

Chapter FIVE

the laughing bug began to spread and soon the hole town was laughing.The pirates started fighting the infected people and that's how the war started

Final Chapter

After a while, the two guys return home. They watched the news and heard about LIl Peep's drug overdose and death by 2 pills. They said: "I can take 10!" So, guess what they did? THey took 1,000,000 and the felt...