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We are group of 14 and 15 year old students from Year 10 in Bishopshalt School [1] in London. Following our victory last year, we have brought the team back together and come back looking for success again! This year, we've come back as Robolution Returns. If you didn't see our page last year, here's a reminder of what we did:

A nice picture of our school!
This map shows the location of our school, click on it to visit our school website

Get to know the team!

the team last year after our victory!

2015-16 Adoptabot Diary

Click the link to check out last year's diary ▼ Diary about the competition

What is the Finch?

The Finch!

Head to this link to find out some information about the Finch!


The Finch can be coded in various different programming languages but our chosen one is Python. The team were all comfortable with it due to experience during last years' competition so its seemed like the right decision!

Our plan for the Finch

We intend to use most of the sensors which are:

-photo resistors--detect light
It exhibits photo-conductivity.
-thermistor--detect heat
If the temperature increases, resistance decreases.
-axis accelerometer--
Measure acceleration forces
-infrared--detects obstacles
Light that is invisible to us

We used a youtube video [2] to rediscover the Finch's capabiltiies.

The Concept

Our concept, is a zombie apocalypse. Our robot is the last surviving safety robot and she's looking for a cure to save the human race,our robot is going through an amazing adventure to save our kind, to save us he will go through the city but sometimes you to fight them on their on turf...the graveyard.This is the story of man's real best friend, THE ROBOT.

How we came up with the concept

After going through various ideas in a brainstorm, the Zombie Apocalypse seemed liked he one with the most space to develop and be original. We wrote down our brainstorm in the form of mindmaps which can be seen in by the Week 1 page.

Our Weekly Progress

Week 1: We got the team back together and started brainstorming our new concept! We spent a lot of time trying to find the best new idea we could possibly come up with. Eventually we had a breakthrough and we immediately started discussing the different elements which we wanted to incorporate.
Week 2: After making sure we were all clear on the concept, we split the team up again; a few of us have changed roles since last year, but many of us have stayed put.
Week 3: We've started to develop our concept further, and are preparing for the practical side. The Wiki team made several changes this after school session.
Week 4: The team have begun to construct some of the obstacles to use in the Finch's environment. The code is also well under way.
Week 5: This week, there has been some planning for the video which we will be playing before we run the code of our zombie apocalypse.
Week 6: The background stage for our Finch has been cut to size and we are in the process of finalising the design of it. Filming for our video has also begun.
Week 7: We were visited by some mentors from Brunel University who helped us with the code which is very nearly completed! The stage which we will be using has been assembled.
Week 8: This week, we continued to film the last parts of our video and also testing out our code.
Week 9: We are nearing the end of our time for this competition and there is a lot of stress! The video is being edited and further advances have been made on the background.
Week 10: It's the last week before the competition and we are pulling all the elements together- the stage is being completed along with some final touches on the code with trial runs. Finally, a brief presentation is being formed in preparation for Tuesday!
Week 10 and a Half?!: It's the weekend before the big day, and the wiki page team are working hard to get as many points as possible before the competition! We were over 80 points behind and were determined to get up into first position!

The Video



Photo Gallery

What we've gained from the 2016-2017 competition:


Though we did compete in this competition last year, we did develop several skills this year as though we had prior experience, we still faced some challenges. For example:

  • We have had to organise ourselves more efficiently this year due to a shorter time frame as well as more other school work to complete this year.
  • Another skill which we have gained is the ability to solve problems more quickly and overcome them as a team. Some of these can be seen in our Bugs&Fixes page.
  • In addition, we have recently enhanced our thought processes in the sense that we came up with an several ideas quite quickly and we were able to think of original and innovative ways of making our project stand out.

Future Aspirations using what we have learned

Competition day!


The team are finally preparing a presentation and doing some final tests at school to try make everything run smoothly when we get to Brunel university! On the day