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Chapter One

it was a long and cold winter day, and Harvey and Kevin were playing in a kids park and they came across a miniature see saw.

Hey, that's how a MINIATURE see saw looks like Seesaw.png

suddenly they ran at full speed towards it and jumped on it but as soon as they reached it, it disappeared and reappeared behind them.

Chapter Two

A school shooter, Dylan, aged 45, then ran into the park and captured all the children in his sack and dressed up as santa.

Chapter Three

Then Harvey and Kevin helped the school shooter Dylan with his distarsterous plan to capture all of the children.... And then the children tried to escape the sack but Harvey recaptured them all and punished them for escaping.

Chapter Four

Out of nowhere, A bus rammed straight into the three villains and smushed them, but unfortunately hit a poor innocent civilian, Luke Perera.

Thats what Luke Perera looks like: Ondcp-smushed05.jpg its hot

Chapter Five

Luke Perera's brains flew all over a passer by, Kai, who then had a heart attack.