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Chapter ONE

it was a sunny day in beautiful Uxbridge and two people were walking down the main road.

Suddenly, A guy called Jeff started talking to them.

Moments later jeff transformed to an unusual creature , the creature was full of matte brown fur

HERE IS HOW IT LOOKS!! A205872181573db2f627238b9aa2ba3c--faux-fur-coat-brown-fur-coat.jpg

Chapter 2

He was bipolar. Therefore, every time he greeted someone they became camouflaged in chocolate. The two girls (Zahra and Vaneeza) became frozen in chocolate but just in time for...

chapter 3

... Mulki's lunch.

Chapter 4

"Mulkiiiii" said her mother, "STOP PLAYING WITH YOUR FOOD!and leave some for me". she woke up and breathed heavily realising this was just a dream.