2015-16 Competition

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Teams 2015-16 School & Country POINTS
Evolution Cluj-Napoca, Romania Romania flag.gif 26 The FINCH Robot
Interstellar Cluj-Napoca, Romania Romania flag.gif 46
The Finch Robot
TEAMDC Nigeria Flag nigeria.gif 17
Leonardo Da Finci Weydon school, UK UK50x34.jpg 140 hosted @
Peaches St Augustines High School, UK UK50x34.jpg 7
Brunel University London
Retribution St Augustines High School, UK UK50x34.jpg 4
RoboGirls LVS Ascot, UK UK50x34.jpg 56
Robolution Bishopshalt School, UK UK50x34.jpg 142
TerrorByte Uxbridge High School, UK UK50x34.jpg 64
Wildcatzzzzz Weydon school, UK UK50x34.jpg 74
RobogirlsTerrorbyteRobolutionPeachesRetributionLeonardo Da FinciWidcatzzzzzEvolutionInterstellarTEAMDCMap teamps.jpg

All time (Top 10)